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Rent Apple products for your company in Brazil. If you want the best equipment for your team for low cost you need to quote Apple products rental with us. Aloc supplies the most recent models and always keeps it’s Apple equipment updated.

Rent Apple IMac – Aluguel De IMac

Apple iMac rental

The ideal equipment for those who work with graphic design and need large screens with high image definition. We can set your iMac up to align with your specific needs.

Rent Apple Products – IPhone

Apple iPhone rental

The Apple smartphone can be part of your company’s equipment. The latest and most updated versions of iPhone are available for rent at Aloc.

Rent Apple Products – Macbook

Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air rental

MacBooks are Apple’s portable computers. These laptops feature high battery life. The MacBook Pro offers Apple’s typical high performance standard on a portable device. The MacBook Air, on the other hand, is the perfect choice for those who want to combine the quality of Apple’s software with amazingly light-weight hardware. Get a quote to rent a Macbook.

Rent Apple Products – Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini Rental

Mac Mini Core i7 with 8 – 32GB of RAM is the perfect choice for those who seek high performance out of a small device. Mac mini is a smaller more affordable performance desktop all packed inside a 7.7 square inch frame. Ask a quote for our Mac Mini rental rates.

Rent Apple Products – IPad

Apple iPad Rental

In the event of breakage or theft, your iPad will be replaced right away.



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    About the equipment delivery:

    Need prices for multiple equipment?

    Rent Apple products at ALOC Rental

    Popular for their extraordinary performances, Apple equipment such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and Mac Mini match the needs of highly-demanding customers who need: performance machines, powerful graphics and stability. Aloc supplies the complete range of Apple products, including iPads and iPhones, as well as all the accessories for those products including: Magic Mouse and the Apple wireless keyboard.

    Enjoy the reliability of Apple products in your company. We only supply the most updated versions of MacBook, iMac and Mac Mini so that our customers are always up to date both on the hardware and software side. You can also rent Apple equipment in the US.

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