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Professional Equipment for Events

Events and Services

In order to guarantee the success of your event in Brazil (fairs, workshops, trainings, meetings, seminars, or any other kind of professional activity), Aloc have all equipment for events you’ll need and makes the entire infrastructure of audiovisual rental, IT equipment, and internal professionals available to our customers.

With a strong presence in the most important pavilions and exposition centers in Brazil, the services range from planning to equipment pickup, and include network configuration for the duration of your event if necessary.

The company possesses a wide selection of IT and audiovisual products as well as qualified technical personnel able to cater to your event’s specific needs.

Aloc performs steel cable, pedestal, desktop, wall mount, and panel installations

The company’s time is flexible, and is always compliant with the installation and uninstallation rules put forth by your venue. Aloc is always punctual and prompt.


As we have equipment for events, we also offers a complete consultancy service for the rental of IT and audiovisual products needed by your company. As a result, you can focus on your business and you don’t have to worry about the procurement or maintenance of this equipment.

When opting to rent versus buy, you can redirect the money allocated for purchasing and maintaining your IT and audiovisual equipment to other investments.

Among the various services available, we rent IT equipment like: computers, laptops, iPads, printers, audiovisual equipment, servers, etc. Additionally, we perform the implementation of: computer and printer networks, cabling, internet signal setup, and switch/server rental.

Aside from that, Aloc can also procure specific equipment in accordance with the client’s needs.

Aloc operates through a partnership with Microsoft, making it possible for the company to rent machines with software pre-loaded. Due to this fact, our customers don’t need to worry about additional software licenses.

Aloc offers various services like: customer service within 8 working hours, equipment replacement in case of fault, flexible deadlines, and tailoring equipment to your specific needs. All of these services are integrated into your final price. By contracting with us, you will receive all of the corporate support you need.

Projects and infrastructure

Aloc plans and executes any IT project your business demands with the highest standard for quality.

With customization always in mind, we utilize our technical knowledge and our wide range of equipment to make your project effective. Your needs will be met promptly, and within budget.

Our equipment is new, updated, and of the highest quality by the best brands available on the market. Our equipment will fit the needs of your project, and we offer rapid service in the event of equipment failure or obsolescence.

In order to ensure the satisfaction of all our clients, we can also procure specific equipment in accordance with your necessities.

Aloc takes care of every step so that your IT project, both internally and externally, will be a smashing success. In order to make this possible, Aloc develops projects and performs the implementation of: computer and printer networks, cabling, internet signal setup, and also rents the servers and switches.


Aloc provides emergency assistance to its customers, under the commitment to fix or replace any equipment which proves to be faulty within 8 working hours (in working days).

In order to guarantee total peace of mind, we provide various contact numbers for quick assistance from our employees 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Aside from this, in big events like: fairs, expositions, and convention centers, our company offers special assistance in order to reduce the customer assistance wait time.

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