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ALOC Advantages

Maintenance And Technical Assistance

Maintenance and Technical Assistance

Your company only benefits from renting electronic equipment. You don’t need to worry about the equipment’s maintenance, or any of those associated costs. All of the equipment maintenance and technical assistance is handled by Aloc.

Due to this fact, you will not need to acquire replacement parts or hire IT professionals to deal with any potential issues.

*We substitute immediately in the event of faulty or broken equipment.

Investment In Your Business

Investment in your business

While opting to rent electronic equipment instead of buying, cash that you would have used to pay installments on this purchase will instead be used as a working capital reserve. You are making the smart choice of investing in your business, while avoiding the large expenditure that is buying large quantities of electronic and audiovisual equipment.

Equipment rental is submitted as an expense within your income statement, allowing for a significant reduction in your income taxes, and providing you a better idea of your business’s cash flow.

The Right High Quality Equipment

The right high quality equipment

Aloc has the expertise to identify and assemble the exact equipment you need all while  fitting within your budget.

If it is later discovered during your rental that there is other equipment more appropriate to fill you needs, aside from what was originally diagnosed, Aloc has total flexibility in working with you and reviewing the previous service agreement. Due to this, your company is avoiding the risk of equipment obsolescence.

When electronic equipment is purchased, there is always the risk of buying inadequate equipment. When you rent equipment this risk is totally eliminated, because it is possible to locate better equipment and cater to your business needs in the moment.

Benefits of Renting

vantagens advantages
  • Renting costs is lower than buying;
  • Maintenance is our responsibility, not of your company;
  • Renting preserves the business’s working capital. You can use it for reinvestment into the business;
  • You’ll avoid: equipment depreciation, devaluation, and obsolescence;
  • Better planning of your business’s cash flow;
  • Decrease of your income tax;
  • Always up-to-date equipment in rental period;
  • Maintenance and quick replacement, no need budget approval;
  • Fast replacing in case of: breakage, loss, or theft;
  • Free of charge backup equipment.
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