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The name of these devices results from the high resolution of the digital image. UHD stands for Ultra High Definition, whereas 4K features 3840×2160 pixels as its maximum resolution. This resolution guarantees a much higher image quality than any Full HD device available on the market.

4K Ultra HD Equipment Rental

Aloc fulfils the needs of its customers demanding higher image quality through the rental of 4K UHD TVs featuring LED technology, at Ultra HD 3840×2160 pixels resolution. In order to fully enjoy the quality of this equipment, it is necessary to use a video decoder compatible with 4K format. Aloc can provide such equipment, too.

Aluguel TV 4K UHD Samsung

4K Ultra HD TV Rental

The TVs come with appropriate wall or desk mounts. Aloc takes care of the whole setup process for the equipment.

Our company operates under an exclusive partnership with Samsung, supplying 75” 4K Samsung TV, Model UN75HU8500GXZD.

4k Graphic Card Rental

4K UHD Graphics Cards

In order to benefit from the high quality image of 4K Displays, it’s necessary to use a 4K source capable of reproducing the images using UHD definition.

If necessary, ALOC can rent this kind of equipment, such as computers featuring 4K UHD graphics card.



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